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APC60 Built! With Pics and Instructions.

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APC60 Built! With Pics and Instructions.

Post by UKRuss on Sat Jan 15, 2011 10:14 pm

First: Thanks big time to Digital_Damage who essentially provided all the know-how. All I have done is follow his basic instructions and add pics! Very Happy Cheers mate, you have made the APC60 become a reality. Cool

This literally took me about half an hour, a philips screwdriver, a hex driver to fit the external apc ear screws and a hacksaw blade. Done.

...I can't wait for the first person who connects up a full six set of apcs this way. Awesome.

OK. First here is the finished article:

And here is step-by-step instructions. (note: you will certainly void your warranties and I am not responsible for any damage you may cause to your units. You follow these instructions at your own risk.)

1. Remove the external hex screws that hold the side ear in place.

2. Remove the x-fader knob on your APC40 by simply pulling it off and set aside.

3. Flip your APC40 over and remove the two long screws that holds the x-fader module in place.

4. Lift out the x-fader module and unclip the cable and set the module aside.

5. Remove the rubber feet, they all have screws underneath. Worry not, they come attached by some re-useable lo-tak gear so gently remove them and set them aside.

6. Remove all the screws and lift the base plate off from front to back as the cables connect at the rear to the board, stand it vertically behind the apc unit.

7. Remove the internal screws that hold the side ear on.

8. Remove the ear.

9. Repeat steps 1,5,6,7 and 8 for your APC 20.

10. Nibble off the plastic fins that stick out on the now exposed plastic sides of the apcs with a pair of pliers.

11. There are two large holes that extend out preventing a snug fit of the apcs, gently saw them off with a hacksaw blade or similar.

12. Marry up the two apcs side by side, keeping them upside down.

13. You'll see the large hole at the back that you trimmed with the hacksaw blade is ideal for your first bolt and then there are two more holes that marry up, one in the middle and one at the front although these are smaller and may need making larger to accomodate your bolt.

14. Feed the three bolts in to place and tighten them paying attention to the flex in the plastic, needs to be solid to hold the apcs together but not too tight that it warps the plastic.

15. Put the bases back on both apcs and screw them back into place. Replace all the rubber feet.

16. Reclip the x-fader module cable back into your apc40 and screw the module back into place.

17. Flip your new APC60 over carefully and replace the x-fader knob on the apc40.

18. Rock the discotheque, as my son Zack demonstrates.

Good luck and enjoy!


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Re: APC60 Built! With Pics and Instructions.

Post by Admin on Sun Jan 16, 2011 11:20 am

Thanks for posting mate, this is brilliant!

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Re: APC60 Built! With Pics and Instructions.

Post by VeraNova on Sun Jan 16, 2011 11:23 am

although technically an 'APC80'
this does look awesome Razz

moar mods please Wink

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Re: APC60 Built! With Pics and Instructions.

Post by S4racen on Sun Jan 16, 2011 11:44 am

Wow Russ, you're a lot younger than i imagined!!

Nice mod mate, what are you going to do with the duplicated controls? or does it work out the box as you'd like??



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Re: APC60 Built! With Pics and Instructions.

Post by UKRuss on Sun Jan 16, 2011 4:55 pm

That's my eldest son...I am unfortunately as old as you imagined Very Happy

They key for me is that working in combination mode, you now have 16 faders permanently mapped to tracks 1-16 which move around as a block when you navigate about your set, which I find essential for mixing in the studio. I can't imagine it will hold up to much transportation for a live tool although you could strengthen it more I suppose but then you have to worry about space in the DJ booth!

As a studio production tool though, this really works great for me now, huge amount of clips to fire off, huge amount of controls, perfect amount of faders!

Apc 80 it is indeed....love having the extra clips grid too!

so tempted to get another 20 and stick it on the other side....would that just be greedy? bom


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Re: APC60 Built! With Pics and Instructions.

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