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Using your APC40 to Control Stutter Edit

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Using your APC40 to Control Stutter Edit Empty Using your APC40 to Control Stutter Edit

Post by RIP_KING on Thu Feb 03, 2011 9:09 pm

posted over at ALDJ, thought it could be useful here as well:

A nice little trick, haven't heard anybody else say they were doing this. I set up my APC40 to use Stutter Edit last night and it works pretty magnificently. Using the custom control script in Will's template (which I believe was initially based off the work found here: http://remotescripts.blogspot.com/), you can push the APC40 into MIDI note mode by hitting Shift+TrackSelect#3. The grid can now be used to control your stutters. The way the custom control script functions is actually beautiful for this purpose. By shifting into the MIDI note mode, (i think Shift + Track Select 4 also works), the grid gets segmented into various blocks of different colors. I envision using this to break my stutter effects into various groupings by custom mapping the different parts of the grid to the various custom stutters I have set up.

Not really brain science but I thought I'd share this info to anyone else who's been messing around with stutter edit. Prior to this, I didn't really think about using the APC40 for manipulating the VST, and had my MPK25 plugged in. Now the set up is more simple, and one less controller and the colored grid makes more sense intuitively looking at it versus mashing something out on a keyboard. I'm not 100% sure but I don't think pressure sensitivity makes a difference with Stutter Edit so you're not really losing anything by using the APC40.


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Using your APC40 to Control Stutter Edit Empty Re: Using your APC40 to Control Stutter Edit

Post by Dirk Bigler on Fri Feb 04, 2011 11:54 am

Thanks for this, now who is going to be the first to post a you tube video?
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