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Post by nezzyidy on Wed Jun 03, 2009 7:05 pm

I noticed DJ's complaining that the APC40 doesn't extend to the send-return section.

While this is true there are ways to remap the APC for your needs, for instance,
if you use 3-4 tracks in a DJ set, map the other unused 4-5 volume faders (or
even the master fader) to the volume of your return channels (or send device

Also if you don't find yourself needing to pan much during a performance, use that
bank of 8 pan knobs on the APC40 for important parameters on your return devices.

The pan-send section is really up for grabs in regards to how you want to manage
the space. You could dedicate the the top four pan knobs to 'send A' on your four
tracks and the bottom four pan knobs to 'send B' on your four tracks so you can
adjust the sends A and B for all your four tracks simultaneously.

If you are absolutely insane and have 8 return tracks you could map the 'pan' bank
of the APC to track one where knobs 1-8 correspond to sends A through H, then
assign the 'send A' bank of the APC40 to track two, 'send B' to track 3, and 'send C'
to track four.

I think this all would work although I haven't tried all of it.

Have fun DJs!


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Post by pantherish on Sat Jul 11, 2009 3:07 pm


Thanks for your post. I just got an APC 40... before this i was using 2 CDJ1000s and my beautiful Korg zero4 mixer... 2 channels full audio and 2 channels audio/midi...

as i got more and more into ableton i was using cds less and so just swapped the CDJs for an APC and a laptop for on the move! at the moment I'm just using my zero4 as my audio interface as it has a built in 4 stereo in and 4 stereo out interface.

so I just have master sent to channel 1 and cue to channel 4... so i can cue.

I am having trouble getting my head around send and return tracks and also how effects and devices are controlled by the APC... I have a load of effects on each channel... the same on every channel and I have been assigning the 8 rotary knobs in the "device control" section to these effects... but at the moment even if I am "in" channel 2 for example, I have to press "shift" then the button next to the red "2" to be controlling effects in channel 2... this seems crazy!!!

I want it to work so that when I'm in channel 2... by pressing channel selection button 2... then the device control section automatically switches to control channel 2

Please tell me what I'm doing wrong!

thanks for your help


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Post by Admin on Sun Jul 12, 2009 6:55 pm

Not to sure I understand, but is it a genuine copy of Ableton and what version is it?

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DJ Real Estate Savers Empty Re: DJ Real Estate Savers

Post by pantherish on Fri Sep 04, 2009 10:35 am

Hi sorry for the lengthy reply, I have been on a long holiday!
I got rid of the zero 4 and got myself a Doepfer Drehbank, such a nice piece of gear. And a new interface.

Was a bit of a joke using a zero 4 as basically an audio interface!

I'm using Live 8 demo right now (full version coming in the next few days)

I haven't had much chance to play around with the APC in its default settings (I intend to get used to the default setup first before figuring out how it can be improved for me)

One thing I do notice however, the way I (and most people) mix is to bring in a section of one track (say the mid) and take away the same section of another track at the same time, especially with the bass. But to do this you need dedicated knobs for each channel, available at the same time. how do you achieve this with the APC?

as far as I am aware the device control section is only controlling one channel at a time (in the default setup) this is partly why I bought the Drehbank

So I can have 8 extra rotary controls for every channel, 64 in total. Although I might actually want 16 for 4 channels as I use 4 channels for tracks and 4 for loops, acapellas etc.

I would really welcome your suggestions or comments on how you use the APC in both its default setup and in your (probably) customized one.

Sorry if I ask a lot of ambiguous questions, I will try not to pick your brains at this stage about Bome's midi translator, i fear that will be a headache for both of us!




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DJ Real Estate Savers Empty Re: DJ Real Estate Savers

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