bool(false) APC40 Ableton hard mapping issue
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APC40 Ableton hard mapping issue

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APC40 Ableton hard mapping issue Empty APC40 Ableton hard mapping issue

Post by behrellips on Tue Jul 30, 2013 3:49 pm

Hi I would love to solve this issue I have with my APC40 and Ableton Live 9. I have used my APC now for 2 years and I consider myself quite knowledgable on the use of it with Ableton. My situation is this, I have hard mapped different pages of the bottom right hand side encoders using the shift button and selecting the different pages. 

My first page (shift clip/track) is assigned as 

Deck A {eq3 and auto filter} knob 1 Bass knob 2 Mid knob 3 Treble knob 4 Filter cut
Deck B {eq3 and auto filter} knob 5 Bass knob 6 Mid knob 7 Treble knob 8 Filter cut

My Second page (shift Device On/Off) is assigned as

Various Macros for an effect rack that I built.

My problem is when I move from one page to the next my APC does not remember the knob values and would jump to 127, I have enabled Take over mode to pick up in Ableton's Midi preferences to try to alleviate the issue.

Is there a way to hard map my APC the right way to remember the knob values between pages so my led's on my knobs are giving me the correct information when I move between pages and does not jump to 127 or any random value.

Please let me know if anyone can give me some feedback.

Much love guys


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APC40 Ableton hard mapping issue Empty Re: APC40 Ableton hard mapping issue

Post by S4racen on Sun Nov 10, 2013 2:05 pm

No that's one of the bugs that has existed in the APC40 since it was released i'm afraid, it'll be inconsistent as well so sometime remember the values, other times not…



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