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Ableton Warping Service

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Ableton Warping Service Empty Ableton Warping Service

Post by Admin on Thu Feb 19, 2009 8:46 pm

I have used the Ableton Warping Service on many occasions and Richard provides a brilliant facility for anyone who has limited time on their hands. I have included an advert for his services below, please email him direct or leave feedback or comments against this post. Please mention this advert in any communications.

Ableton Warping Service

Over the last year i have built up a great relationship with the online Ableton Djing community who can testify to both the fair pricing and high quality of my work and just felt it was time to update my original post.

I operate alone in running the Ableton Warping Service. This is a service for those who either have trouble getting to grips with warping or those who don't have the time to be constantly warping their own music. Specializing in a number of dance genres i provide precision warping of your tracks to a very high standard with a considered outro loop. I place a warp marker every 16 bars and wherever else necessary around breakdowns etc and i pay great attention to the detail of my work. My warping is as tight as can be and reliable throughout.

I do this for £1/track:-tracks vary in length and so too their number of warp markers. This price fairly reflects the fluctuating nature of the time taken to complete projects. I warp both small folders of music and entire back catalogues. Discount is offered in the region of 100 tracks+

I also warp more complex genres, accapellas and older dance productions/disco, these can often dictate a high number of warp markers per track in order to achieve precision syncing with a reference kick. With projects of a more complicated nature like these i prefer to look at the audio first and give the client a quote based on the time i project it will take me. I am always fair and open to negotiation.

Further editing is also available, such as subdividing tracks into their relevant sections wherever possible, rendering and keying. Just ask. Projects with added requests such as these will be quoted accordingly.

In terms of file transfer i like to use which allows up to 300mb at a time but other sites and methods are equally welcome.

Turnaround times can vary depending on workload but i have most projects back within 2-4 days.

Payment-i operate on a half up front/half upon completion basis. This payment can be made through PayPal to:-

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