bool(false) Changing the Temp Control Range
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Changing the Temp Control Range

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Changing the Temp Control Range Empty Changing the Temp Control Range

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 01, 2009 7:42 pm


If you are a Hip-Hop producer or DJ, you likely find yourself working between 70 and 120 BPM. If you are more into House, Electro, or Dance, you will probably work within 100 – 150 BPM. Some musicians drift no more than 2 – 10 BPM throughout their sets.
The APC40’s Tap Tempo and Tempo Nudge buttons are great for roughly setting tempo. Here’s a tip for controlling tempo with pinpoint accuracy.
Enter the Bank of the knob(s) you wish to use for tempo control
The fine tempo range is fixed at 2.56 – If this is enough of a range for you, you need only assign a knob to fine tempo control
Enter MIDI Map mode
Choose coarse or fine tempo. To choose the coarse tempo selection, click on the numbers before the decimal point. To choose the fine tempo selection, click on the numbers after the decimal point
Move knob on the APC40
To modify the range of the coarse tempo control, using your mouse, click on the Min and Max setting and drag it to desired BPMs. You can also click on the range and type exact numbers in using your keyboard’s number pad
Exit MIDI Map

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