bool(false) Really strange apc 40 bug!
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Really strange apc 40 bug!

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Really strange apc 40 bug! Empty Really strange apc 40 bug!

Post by BrutalWargasm on Tue Mar 05, 2013 7:52 pm

Hello Guys

Need Help!! Hope im posting in the right section...

Got an Apc40 for Ableton from my friend and Im really happy with it. But there are 2 really strange bugs which I couldn't find a solution for in other forums...

1. Every time I press the "Send A" Button it chooses the return knob (as expected) AND turns the device on/off on the selected track. By doing this it also toggles the LED of the "device on off" Button as if it was pressed...

2. Every time i press the "Detail view" not only brings me it to the detail view but it also triggers a random scene launch... and same as above: the LED of the corresponding scene lights up. By random i mean: It just chooses another scene if i reload the set... but no prediction which one

Ive already checked the midi mappings in the mapping mode but theres nothing mapped! So it should be the default preset for the apc40

Im lost! pls help!!!


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Really strange apc 40 bug! Empty Re: Really strange apc 40 bug!

Post by S4racen on Thu Mar 07, 2013 3:51 pm

That is really weird, if it was midi mapped elsewhere then it wouldnt do the standard APC40 behaviour...

You could try reinstalling Ableton to make sure the remote scripts are correct, failing that a midi monitor might highlight if there are erroneous messages coming for the unit itself...



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